Absolutely a year and hardly any days, at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) meeting held in London (fourth of July 2008) where the Nigeria boss marshals of the FRSC, Osita Chidoka said something in his initial discourse that “There are an expected 161 passings for each 10,000 vehicles for mishap in Nigeria‚Ķ” Up till this second, the figure is as yet expanding notwithstanding all endeavors making by the corps and forget about it to human components and the awful condition of the streets particularly due carelessness and upkeep culture.

Most state and government streets are viewed as death traps as they are shy of wellbeing frameworks. As indicated by FIA Foundation Organization, “At regular intervals somebody is murdered or mangled on the world’s streets”. Most of these passings, around 70% happens in creating nations. The street traffic injury death rate in Africa is 28.3 per 100,000 of the populace. Hundreds are disabled and harmed regularly on Nigeria streets. The passings cost continue beating our creative mind with expanding number of Nigerians being executed day by day and ensuing injury felt by their families. Street passings and wounds are abrupt, rough, horrible experience occasions that require unique consideration by one and all.

Probably the best danger to explorers in Nigeria is street security. As of late. I just gave a call to previous CEO of a remarkable distributing organization in Ibadan, (the distributer of my first book) to advise and examine with him about my new street traffic wellbeing ventures. Unintentionally, I barely completed my conversation with him, when he let me know of an appalling engine mishap that happened on Lagos-Ibadan freeway not exactly an hour on his way back to Ibadan .

He stated, numerous lives were lost due to non appearance of crisis clinical administrations or even traffic cops that assume to be seen each moment on the interstate streets. They don’t have some other activity than to spare lives on our streets. This miserable news help me to remember what occurred in November, 2007 out of one of my ordinary visits to Nigeria. Hardly any hours on appearance, I chose to drive myself from Ikeja region to Ibadan . Controlling the directing wheel on the freeway was a major battle, talk-less of various gapping pot-gaps, dark spots, trash on the two roadsides. I continued contemplating whether any of government officials or delegates travel on these equivalent street. All things considered, they were being casted a ballot to speak to us and make us live and work in security. Scarcely forty minutes on the wheel when I saw two awful street mishaps inside hardly any kilometers of the one-hour drive of Lagos-Ibadan freeway.